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Managing is a matter of trust

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Team Building

employee trustWhile any political candidate can attest just how hard it is to build trust with those they hope to lead, instilling a sense of trust with employees is worth the effort.

Unlike engagement, which can be hard to measure given that so much of it depends on employee’s own self-reports, trust is easily assessed through simple observation.

Here are a few questions that Nan S. Russell, a former executive and author of more than four books on workplace culture and trust, suggests managers can apply to determine whether trust is present on the teams you manage, and how to work towards developing it further.

Do your employees own their mistakes?

A culture based on blaming vendors, other departments, leaders, competitors and co-workers is a telltale sign that employees don’t have trust—in you as their leader, in one another or in their job security.

When employees hold themselves accountable for issues that may arise, they’re communic...(register to read more)

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