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Just another ‘Groundhog Day’?

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

bored business womanEver feel like your workplace resembles “Ground­­hog Day,” the 1993 movie in which Bill Murray’s character wakes up each morning doomed to find people doing the exact same things the exact same way that they did the day before?    

While routines definitely have their place, too much of the same-old-same-old can create a stagnant environment in which workers are content to operate on autopilot rather than strive for excellence.

“Familiarity/comfort is a good thing, to a degree, because it helps employees feel confident they can do the job,” says Leigh Steere, co-founder of Managing People Better, LLC.

“But it becomes a bad thing if the employee becomes complacent (no longer feeling the need to stretch and learn new things about the field or type of work), bored (no longer feeling challenged by the work), or disengaged (just showing up for work, putting in the minimum, and not really caring whether the company succeeds or fai...(register to read more)

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