Setting & tracking goals: The 5 best free online tools

goal checklistIf the number of goal-tracking tools online is any indication, the Internet wants you to stick to your goals.

Here are five of the best free goal-setting tools available today. Use them yourself, point employees to them or encourage managers to use them for their teams:

1. Goals On Track ( A dashboard lets you know at a glance where you are with your SMART goals (with graphics such as a green arrow pointing up) and what needs to be done today. Create an online inspiration board to help you visualize, for example, a “travel around the world” goal.

2. Week Plan ( Inspired by 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the free weekly planner keeps track of your achievements and goals. You can see it from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Or you can print your whole week’s worth of plans and carry them with you.

3. Stickk ( Need serious motivation to stick to a personal goal? Stickk allows you to set up a “commitment contract” that binds you to the goal. You can lay money on the line and designate a referee to confirm that you have successfully reached your goal.

4. SuperViva ( Create goals to share with this “life” tracking site or keep them private. You can also establish weekly reminders to check in with your goals, group your goals, assign specific goals within different lists, and set completion goals and priorities.

5. Goalmigo ( Let your online community help you meet your goal. You enter a completion date, set up reminders and assign a tracking log. You assign tags and see reminders of how long you have to reach your goal.

Note: You can find other goal-setting tools using: