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Turn negative reviews into a positive experience: 7 strategies, 4 scripts

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in Management Training,People Management,Performance Reviews,Time Management

Surveys show that employees actually value negative feedback when it’s delivered constructively. But a poor approach can cause resentment and further job disengagement.

Here are 7 tips to follow when giving your next review:

1. Introduce the criticisms by clarifying your goals and intentions. For example, say, “I want your work to improve so that you can become a top performer.”

2. Criticize constructively by explaining precisely what the employee must do to improve in nonjudgmental terms.

For example, don’t say, “You have poor time management” and leave it at that. Say, “You must prioritize your tasks better, figure how long it will take to complete them, and do so more quickly to become more productive.”

3. Be as specific as possible. Instead of saying, “Don’t make your reports so long,” say, “Shorten your reports to five to eight pages maximum.”

Address each problem individually. Cite specific examples and let the ...(register to read more)

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