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9 things employees want from their managers (and 5 things they don’t)

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Patrick DiDomenico

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Different employees crave different things from their managers.

For example, some employees want a hands-on boss who stops by with a "How are things going?” every couple of hours. Others don't care to see their boss but once a year at the performance review.

Unless you're a mind reader, it's impossible to know exactly what your staff wants from you.

But a survey of 500 U.S. employees—published in the book What People Want, by Terry Bacon—reveals what matters most to workers.

9 things they crave

  1. Honesty. 90% say they want honesty and integrity from their manager. Lies and secrets are the biggest killers to credibility.
  2. Fairness. 89% want their manager to be fair and to hold all employees accountable to the same standards.
  3. Trust. More than 86% want to trust—and be trusted by—their manager.
  4. Respect. 84% want to respect—and be respec...(register to read more)

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