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Have you audited the employee bulletin board in your break room or next to your time clock recently? Have you ever done so? A little time spent seeing what’s there—and what’s missing—will keep you in compliance with North Carolina and federal laws.

Several state and federal laws require employers to post specific employment law-related information, and those laws change frequently.

Step 1:
Remove all those handwritten advertisements for free kittens, solicitations for roommates and outdated company softball schedules. Unauthorized postings can cause problems.

Step 2: Spend 10 minutes auditing your posters. You’ll save much grief—and maybe money, too. You can be fined for missing posters, and employees can use it against you.

North Carolina postings

Various state agencies require posters.

• N.C. Department of Labor.
All North Carolina employers must conspicuously post the “N.C. Department of Labor OSH Noti...(register to read more)

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