Office Communication

Communication in business requires the understanding of different communication styles, and the ability to break down communication barriers.

In business communication, effective communication requires a sort of “office communication toolkit” – the kind of resource Business Management Daily provides.

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A social media presence isn’t something you can set up and tend to only when it occurs to you. So what are you doing with yours?
Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams recently found himself in a social media battle with Johan Malcolm, an employee at a Maryland pizzeria. The reason for Malcolm’s ire? Williams left a 75-cent tip on a $128.26 bill.
Words can make or break your career. You may accidently say the wrong thing sometimes, but the bigger concern is words you use every day that hurt your career.
How do you manage employees who are fresh out of college or even high school—and have never had a job before?
It’s more important than ever for today’s managers to create the strengths-focused workplace culture millennials have come to expect.
The key to transforming your team into a high-performing unit starts with these three actions.
Technology may make it possible for you to communicate with employees and co-workers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but that doesn’t mean you should.
When you only have five minutes to get up to speed with what important people are talking about on a daily basis in meetings, books, magazines and on the Web, you need a cheat sheet. Let’s see if you can cruise safely through the rest of 2016 armed with these definitions.
It’s often believed that using emojis at work can make you look unprofessional. However, many organizations are loosening their rules regarding them. If you’d like to sprinkle your messages with the fun little images, follow these rules.
Communicating with people—even people who are very different from you—doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you follow these tried-and-true rules.
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