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Successful career development is more than doing a good job. Dressing for success, business writing skills, career networking – all are vitally important.

Business Management Daily’s succinct, workplace-tested career advice is designed to help you position yourself to succeed in your chosen field.

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Some people just have “it”—that thing that draws people to them—making it easy to build connections and relationships. Here’s how you can have “it” too.
Procrastination gets a seriously bad name. However, here are three situations when it might be your best option.
It is surprising to hear assistants tell me they don’t want a boss standing over their shoulder telling them what to do and how to do it all the time. But in the next breath, many of these same assistants complain that their bosses fail to convey expectations clearly enough. It’s an administrative dilemma.
When a customer asks for a discount, here’s how to respond to keep the conversation going without immediately cutting your price.
In the workplace, when being a team player is valued, if not expected, how do you deal with the people who abuse your time?
Self-doubt can be a real doozy. And if you are worried about your performance at work, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
First impressions are everything. If you aren’t careful, you can start a relationship off on the wrong foot—before you even open your mouth.
Before that little white lie escapes your lips, consider the full range of all-star excuses, ranked here from worst to best.
Here are three rules that are absolutely mandatory—if you want to be a solid communicator and effective leader.
Make every minute at work count. Here are five quick and easy tasks you can complete when you only have five minutes to spare.
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