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Alice Gilman, Esq., is an expert in payroll and tax compliance who has covered payroll issues for more than 30 years. She’s written and edited several leading payroll publications, including Business Management Daily’s Payroll Legal Alert, the Research Institute of America’s Payroll Guide, Prentice Hall’s American Payroll Association’s Basic Guide to Payroll and the Payroll Manager’s Letter. She’s also the editor of Business Management Daily’s Payroll Compliance Handbook and The Complete FLSA Compliance Kit.

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It’s tax day! As predictably as the sun will rise tomorrow, on tonight’s local news you’ll see people lined up at Post Offices frantically getting their 1040s in the mail before midnight. For your colleagues down the hall in the Payroll Department, there are many tax days every year—one for each monthly or semiweekly deposit, as well as a quarterly reckoning with the IRS. That means that Payroll is anything but simple, requiring regular communication with HR. It would be helpful if HR knew some basic payroll rules. If you’re in Payroll, pass these along to your HR co-workers. If you’re in HR, listen up!

Everyone counts on Social Security benefits being there when they retire. But not many employees know how it all works. The Social Security Administration (SSA) wants to remedy that …

It’s hard enough having a hearing problem, as everyone who attended a Who concert in the ’70s can attest. (Pete Townsend’s ears are still ringing and so are mine). The IRS is now reporting that identity thieves are using video relay services (VRS) to try to scam individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. When is enough enough with scammers?

The W-2 scam that’s been making the rounds this tax season has apparently caused a great deal of disruption, and not in a good way. The IRS has now developed an email address you can use to report W-2 related data losses …

Well, it happened again. A truly human-less voice phoned my landline yesterday and told me that this was my last chance to get square with the IRS. Last year, they called my cell phone. I didn’t even get to the end of the robocall …

Accountants, the end is nigh. You’ll be able to put your head above water on April 19. That’s the day after your clients’ 1040s are due to the IRS. The IRS wants you to know about some nefarious last-minute tax scams, especially those requesting last-minute deposit changes for refunds or account updates …

If early birds get the worm, what do late birds get? The IRS has put out the word that it’s holding more than $1 billion worth of unclaimed federal tax refunds. Whose money is it? Taxpayers who haven’t gotten around to filing their 2013 federal income tax returns. Now is the time to remind employees to file their 2016 returns and returns for prior years, too.

Politico got it mostly right last week, when it released a discussion draft of the Republicans’ effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act health care reform law. On March 6, the House Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means Committees released two as yet unnumbered reconciliation bills that repeal large chunks of the […]

It’s no secret that the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress want to consign the Affordable Care Act to the scrap heap. There’s been an awful lot of talk about which approach they favor: (1) repeal, (2) repeal and replace, (3) repeal and repair or (4) just repair. Now we know—at least in first draft form. Thanks to Politico, which snagged a copy of a “discussion draft” we can begin to see where health care reform may be headed …

An article appeared in the business section of my weekly newspaper this past Sunday, which discussed the possibility of tax reform and how it might impact employees. There were some giant inaccuracies that were like finger nails on a blackboard. So let’s dissect them …

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