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HR Lessons From the Miami Dolphins Bullying Scandal

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in HR Soapbox

When we think about bullying, we typically conjure up images of kids on the school playground or hallways. But a high-profile act of adult-size bullying this week thrust the issue into the national conversation. And the story carries several lessons for HR.

What happened? Last month, Jonathan Martin, a rookie offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins, mysteriously walked away from the team for "personal reasons." This week, the news broke that he did so because a teammate, Richie Incognito, allegedly bullied him mercilessly on several occasions. It's alleged that Incognito, who is white, left a voicemail for Martin, who is bi-racial, which included a racial slur and threats of violence. Incognito apparently also forced Martin to pay nearly $15,000 to finance several Dolphins players' trips to Vegas. Apparently, Incognito says he did this because coaches told him to "toughen up" Martin. Now the NFL is investigating, and lawsui...(register to read more)

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Wanda November 9, 2013 at 11:03 am

I need a help in workplace bulling! It happen for four years and my manager and HR not only supported it but was bully itself and pretext wrongful termination that resulted in denial unemployment benefits and homelessness. Non of attorneys took a case or Legal Aid helped, because the Bully is Duke and I am only NA. If I was a known player it would be the public news, but now I am being silence to die on the street! Lithuanian Embassy refusing to help! NC Department of Commerce massaging their way and assisting Duke because state in debt itself… Equal Employment Commissioner even not responded. Please contact me to investigate my story and help to recover my life and health! I was working for Duke 2008- 2012 in the intentional bulling environment, pretext terminated in violation of them own Policies and I have lost everything….Please help! wandhudson@yahoo.com
P.S I still have a racial,***, and homicide threats on my cell as the evidence! I saved it! I have reported and showed it to HR and manager that is only resulted in placing me on performance improvement, retaliation, continue managers abuse and pretext termination….My manager is bully itself! Did any of lawyers in this nation is willing to step -in! I know that none in NC goes against Duke! But shame on Duke what they have allowed to happen and trying to cover up by intentionally trying to homicide me too in order to silent! What I meant intentionally homicide, because of them conspiracy bullying and wrongful termination I became injured both health and finance, lost everything and became homeless, DHHS and NC Department of Commerce in order to help me refused to do so and made me jump through the system ignoring all my rightful benefits, even refusing a shelter! Of course organizations will became bigger bullies if state and laws will protects them and retaliates on victims! I am homeless, sick, and my body can’t it pull longer….and, winter just around the comer….Its miracle that I am alive! However, I am being retaliated by both Duke and NC state for surviving to this point – attacking me ” where did you have access to computer and all this information and so on”….Please anyone step in……


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