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That Beastly W-2: How to Deal With ‘Unique’ Religious Accommodations

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in HR Soapbox

Time off to attend church … approval to keep a Bible in the office … the right to wear a religious headscarf on the job.

Employers are used to dealing with these kinds of religious accommodations. But when it comes to discrimination law, courts view “religion” very broadly, meaning you may need to approve some pretty unusual requests.

Example: Last week, a 52-year-old maintenance worker in Tennessee quit his job after seeing that his W-2 form was labeled with the number 666. The company said that simply means the W-2 sent to Walter Slonopas was the 666th one that was mailed out.

Walter didn’t see it that way. The born-again Christian says the Bible calls 666 the “number of the beast”—a symbol of the devil. Continuing to go to work would mean he would also go to hell. So he quit.

In this case, Walter doesn’t plan to sue, or return to the company even if they change his W-2 number. That, he says, would send the message that he...(register to read more)

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