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59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional

As an administrative professional, you’re constantly pressed for time. And while you can’t add more hours to the day, there is a simple way to better manage your time: by advancing your skills on the programs you already use every day. Armed with 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional, you’ll do more than harness the latest office technology to your advantage. You’ll enhance your value to the organization – and dramatically increase your marketability! (Note: This report covers 2010, 2013 and 2016 Office programs.)

Advanced Minute Taking Workshop

Minute taking is a skill that great admins should develop. Just like anything in life, practice makes perfect. The more you take minutes and prepare them, the better you get. Advanced Minute Taking Workshop will help you fight against your fear of taking minutes and learn to do it properly and with confidence. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook

Is your employee handbook an open invitation to sue you? With Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook you’ll fix the 10 disastrous mistakes found in almost every employee handbook and protect your organization against today’s newest trends in litigation. You’ll avoid the “cookie-cutter” trap and the policy-procedure blur, and secure enough wiggle room so you don’t get pinned down in court. Stop wondering about how you might be vulnerable – order Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook today.

Developing an Effective Administrative Procedures Manual

When you’re out of the office, it’s nice to be missed. But it’s nicer when things can run smoothly so you don’t return to a pile of problems or unhandled business. Creating good step-by-step documentation takes some thought and effort, but the end result is a resource that can be used over and over again. Get everyone on the same page with Developing an Effective Administrative Procedures Manual. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Difficult People at Work

Discover how to identify and manage the 24 most challenging personality types! Working with underhanded, self-centered and troublesome people can be infuriating. Difficult People at Work gives you proven, practical strategies you can use immediately to restore the balance of power, improve your own working environment and put problem people in their place.

Do-It-Yourself Employee Manual

Get problem employees back in line with your own customized employee manual! The Do-It-Yourself Employee Manual provides sample language for 9 key areas your manual should be covering. Using the easy-to-understand CD (included), you can add customizable pages to your current manual – or create a whole new “lawsuit-proofer” for your workplace. Give your personalized manual to every employee, and you’ll have the ammunition you need to defend yourself in court – or even better, to send the message that it’s not worth suing you.

Electronic HR & Business Records: Compliance & Best Practices Workshop

These days, 70% of corporate records are stored electronically. Those electronic records can be your best legal friend … or your worst enemy. In Electronic HR & Business Records: Compliance and Best Practices Workshop, a nationally recognized recordkeeping expert reveals a seven-step strategy for HR professionals to manage electronic business records in all industries. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Employee Handbooks: Required Changes for 2019 and the Most Common Mistakes

Your employee handbook can be an invaluable organizational tool … or an employment lawsuit waiting to happen. And if it’s more than six months old, it’s out of date. In this updated audio recording, we’ll help you with up-to-the-minute HR changes to add to your handbook, what to avoid telling employees after their probation period ends and errors that will get you creamed in court – and how to avoid them. Don’t let your employee handbook threaten your organization! Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

FLSA Compliance Guide

Many organizations aren't 100% sure about which employees are considered exempt from being paid overtime and which are nonexempt. The FLSA Compliance Guide has saved many confused and frustrated managers from expensive, unnecessary lawsuits involving not just overtime pay, but pay for travel time … inclement weather closings … even smoking breaks and jury duty, plus the gray areas of timekeeping and paying independent contractors.

FMLA Compliance Guide

Compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is indeed costly and confusing. Take control with the quick and easy advice in this practical resource, updated with the 10 key changes you need to know in the FMLA’s revised regulations. You’ll learn what steps to take in hundreds of real-world situations, plus discover the 8 issues you must cover – in writing – with an employee requesting FMLA leave, whether you can legally fire someone who is on FMLA leave and an amazingly simple strategy that prevents employees from taking 24 weeks of back-to-back leave. The FMLA Compliance Guide is guaranteed to give you concrete answers to your most perplexing FMLA questions.

Hiring for Attitude

A study by Leadership IQ found that 46% of new hires are either fired or disciplined within their first 18 months. And in a staggering 89% of those cases, the reason for the action isn’t incompetence, but attitude. You can teach technical skills, but you can’t teach attitude. Hiring for Attitude helps you make great hires every time. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Hiring Interview Workshop: 29 Must-Ask Questions

Are your interview questions getting stale? How can you break through all those canned answers to find the real truth about candidates? Discover how to improve your hiring dramatically with the Hiring Interview Workshop: 29 Must-Ask Questions. You’ll learn the best interview strategies and a proven list of questions that will help you spot the “must hires” (who make you look good) while steering clear of the ones who bomb out within the first year (and make you look bad). Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

HR Forms & Documents Library (interactive CD with training materials)

Can you reduce the amount of paperwork required of an HR professional? Unfortunately, no. Can you slash the time you spend on paperwork? Absolutely! The HR Forms & Documents Library helps you cover all your bases and protect against litigation, too.

HR Memos to Managers

Do your managers have the HR know-how they need? Too often, employees are given managerial jobs based on their performance in non-managerial positions – not on their supervisory skills. Help them figure out the HR aspect of their job by downloading, customizing and distributing HR Memos to Managers. Your “good-faith” effort to train your managers on sexual harassment, retaliation, FMLA compliance and 80+ other tricky topics will go a long way with the courts. Protect your organization now and in the future with HR Memos to Managers.

I-9 Compliance Workshop: The New Rules & Best Practices of Employee Verification

I-9 compliance (or the lack of it) used to be a “cost of doing business.” Not anymore. Strict compliance to the often-confusing I-9 rules is your only defense against serious monetary penalties and even criminal arrests. Are you sure that your I-9 practices can pass muster? Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Managing & Motivating the 7 Most Challenging Employee Types

Do some of your employees require more “managing” than others? Do some enjoy pushing the limits, while others seem totally clueless about the problems they cause? Every office has a few “challenging employees,” from drama queens to slackers to those who are just plain pests. Merely tolerating these harmful behaviors is definitely NOT the best solution. Learn how to manage them and motivate them to get it together. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Mastering Business Finance

In today’s downsizing business world, employees at all levels – and in all departments – need to understand business finance. If you’ve never had to worry about finance before, this array of numbers and terms can be overwhelming. Don’t let a lack of financial knowledge get you embarrassed – or downsized. Mastering Business Finance helps you crunch the numbers like a Wall Street pro. You’ll get step-by-step insights into the world of finance. You’ll be using – and understanding – financial terms within days. One quick read will make you fluent in the language of business finance.

Performance Reviews: A Complete How-To Guide

No matter who’s giving them, performance reviews are just … difficult. It would be so great to get this headache under control … ease your management burden … free yourself to concentrate on things that really matter. Now you can, with Performance Reviews: A Complete How-to Guide. This resource is packed with the essentials you need to get your HR staff on track.

Personnel Records: What to Keep, What to Toss (Executive Summary)

If you keep all your personnel records, you could be liable for not complying with the Federal Trade Commission’s “disposal rule,” which requires you to dispose of paper and electronic records in a reasonable way. If you keep nothing, you’re virtually guaranteeing that you’ll lose every legal battle. Get the rules for developing a lawsuit-proof records-retention policy for disciplinary documentation, performance evaluations, workplace investigations and medical data. You’ll reduce the clutter, streamline record retrieval and protect yourself in court.

Problem Employees: Coach ’Em, Discipline ’Em, and Turn ’Em Around

How do you react when faced with poor-performing or disruptive employees? Don’t just stick your head in the sand and hope the situation improves. Learn practical, real-life tools to handle even the toughest problem employees from Problem Employees: Coach ’Em, Discipline ’Em, and Turn ’Em Around. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Regulating Employee Conduct On & Off the Job: Where to Draw the Line

Individuality can lead to a unique workplace, but restrictions on an employee’s expression can lead to discrimination and retaliation lawsuits… lower morale… and unwanted government attention. Regulating Employee Conduct On & Off the Job will help you learn exactly what you CAN and CAN’T do to regulate employees’ conduct – and how to satisfy the often-conflicting demands of the law. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Surprise Tax Windfall for Small Business Owners

If you own or manage a small business, you can double or triple your real income. Unbelievable as it may sound, new IRS rules offer owners and managers of closely held businesses breaks so large that your tax savings can actually surpass your main source of income. By staking your claim now, you can take your share of this huge tax-saving windfall – starting this year. Use the practical, 100% legal strategies in this exclusive special report to enhance your personal wealth, shift your income and distribute your assets to reduce your tax liability now and in the years to come.

The Admin Pro Handbook: Tips and Solutions for Standout Assistants

You may know how to survive in today’s fast-paced admin world, but do you know how to thrive? You’re not the only admin to face the challenges you come across every day. Now you can learn how to tackle them from the people who have been where you are – other admins. You’ll learn how to master technology (before it masters you), work well with everyone and even advance your career. The Admin Pro Handbook is your own personal job coach!

The Book of Company Policies

In today's highly regulated, litigious society, a single misstep can trigger lawsuits that blow away your company's morale, productivity and profitability. That's why you need clear and consistent policies on your organization's rules, standards and benefits. The Book of Company Policies offers expert guidance on what policies you need and how to write them ... communicate them ... and put them to work. You'll steer clear of potential legal landmines - helping your supervisors and managers save time and avoid daily hassles.

The Complete Employee Termination Kit (interactive CD with training materials)

Letting an employee go is never pleasant, and doing it the wrong way can lead you down a dangerous path to litigation. Learn the easy-to-follow guidelines that will help you terminate employees legally with The Complete Employee Termination Kit. Termination still won’t be fun, but you’ll know you’ve done everything right – and helped protect your company from litigation-seeking former employees

The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit (interactive CD with training materials)

Performance reviews are more than just evaluations. They’re an opportunity to increase productivity – and must be done correctly to prevent lawsuits. Get everything you need to do it all right with The Complete Performance Appraisal Kit. This CD with training materials gives you a 147-page manual and a library of customizable documents. It’s everything you’ll ever need to conduct effective, beneficial performance appraisals.

The Employer’s Practical Legal Guide

Protect your company with the comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions in The Employer’s Practical Legal Guide. Prepared by top employment attorneys – then translated into plain language for business people – this must-have manual has everything you need to know to stop trouble before it starts … and limit the damage from innocent mistakes. More than 80 checklists and self-audit questionnaires help you target your company’s weak spots and correct them quickly.

The First 90 Days: Step-by-Step Onboarding

How do you handle employees’ first few hours and their crucial first 90 days on the job? It’s vital to make a great first impression – you won’t get a second chance. The First 90 Days: Step-by-Step Onboarding provides a step-by-step practical onboarding plan for new employees’ first three months. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

The Growing Problem of Workplace Incivility: How to Reduce Rudeness, Encourage Courtesy & Create a More Professional Atmosphere

Squabbling employees, screaming managers, colleagues who never respond to emails, co-workers who send texts while you’re talking to them … all these people seem to have forgotten the basic rules of courtesy and respect. Find out the strategies you need to turn your office from an uncivil war zone into a collaborative workplace with The Growing Problem of Workplace Incivility: How to Reduce Rudeness, Encourage Courtesy & Create a More Professional Atmosphere. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

The Magnetic Manager: Becoming the Best Boss You Can Be

The No. 1 reason employees leave companies is the way they’re supervised. The good news (whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned one): You can keep your great people on board and happy by learning the secret of becoming a “magnetic manager.” Become the boss no employee wants to leave! Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

The Manager's Guide to Effective, Legal Performance Reviews

Make your performance appraisals work for you – not against you! How you conduct employee performance reviews can have a major impact not only on how your employees view their jobs, but on how they regard your organization and you. Many books offer general suggestions for improving performance, but few discuss specific ways to make reviews more effective. The Manager’s Guide to Effective, Legal Performance Reviews shows you how to conduct appraisals with clearly established expectations and no misinterpretation.

The Manager’s Handbook: 104 Solutions to Your Everyday Workplace Problems

The biggest challenge for managers? Managing your own workload. At last, there’s one resource that helps you do everything better. The Manager’s Handbook: 104 Solutions to Your Everyday Workplace Problems will help you manage better from day one. No lofty theories or buzzwords – just practical advice that helps you get the job done while staying out of legal trouble. Manage better – and become and even more valuable member of your management team.

Time Management to the Rescue

Nowadays you’re expected to do more with less, no matter how much longer it takes. While you can’t create more hours in the day, you can learn how to use your time to maximum advantage. Time Management to the Rescue offers a wealth of knowledge you can put to use today on how to work reasonable hours, prioritize tasks, track productivity, organize your calendar and master technology.

Tough Talks: Scripts & Strategies for Difficult Employee Discussions

Managers and HR professionals are routinely forced to discuss those uncomfortable topics with employees. But most never learned how. Now you can, with Tough Talks: Scripts & Strategies for Difficult Employee Discussions. This insightful training offers realistic sample dialogues to help you sidestep potential awkwardness and conduct clear, direct discussions with employees. You’ll not only learn exactly what to say, but how to say it. Listen to a free 90-second clip now!

Using Independent Contractors

When it comes to independent contractors, what you don’t know can hurt. Get step-by-step instructions on how to comply with IRS requirements without compromising your ability to make cost-effective hiring decisions. You’ll learn about the IRS’ 10-question test to determine classification, see a sample contract and review guidelines for 22 states with even stricter rules. Hire – or don’t hire – without fear!

Your Children, Your Heirs

There are dozens of legitimate ways to shelter your assets, disinherit the IRS and make sure your heirs end up with 100% of your money. After your estate has been allocated and the exact numbers long forgotten, you want your heirs to remember you for thoughtfully making the situation as seamless as possible for them. Ultimately, that’s the best legacy you can leave. Your Children, Your Heirs will help you make the process go smoothly.

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