Jackie Gleason’s leadership follies

  • April 01, 2005

Most of us have had bosses so insecure that they could never let their employees succeed. Jack Winter was such a guy. Fresh out of college, he found himself in Miami...

Encourage open, constructive dissent

  • December 01, 2004

“All the first-rate decision-makers I’ve observed had a very simple rule," says Peter Drucker:  “If you have quick consensus on an important...

Neil Armstrong’s nerves of steel

  • December 01, 2004

Early on, Neil Armstrong didn’t want to be an astronaut. From a young age, he wanted to design aircraft. He took up flying later because he thought a designer...

How to lead from the balcony

  • December 01, 2004

Early in their careers, leaders move up quickly because they can identify problems and solve them.

Lessons from ‘Band of Brothers’

  • November 01, 2004

Even in conversation, Maj. Richard “Dick” Winters shows the leadership traits that made him a key player on D-day and a pivotal character in the HBO World...

How Jon Gruden pounds the rock

  • November 01, 2004

As a graduate assistant at the University of Tennessee, football coaching prodigy-to-be Jon Gruden found himself passing a note to assistant coach Walt Harris during an...

Oracle’s Ellison and Genghis Khan

  • November 01, 2004

Oracle founder and chief executive Larry Ellison is a classic narcissistic leader, reminiscent of both the robber barons of the 19th century, who created industries in...

John McCain and the elements of courage

  • October 01, 2004

You’ll probably never need courage to do your work, at least the kind of courage required against physical threats like torture or gunfire. Still, understanding...

Ruthless power tips from Monty Burns

  • September 01, 2004

Think you’re a pretty big wheel, eh? Forget it, you piker! You’ll never be a leader on the order of that liver-spotted captain of industry, Mr. Burns.

Remind yourself of important lessons

  • September 01, 2004

The U.S. president known as a fierce fighter, Indian hater and hothead—Andrew Jackson—actually used wallpaper to help him lead the country. Wallpaper?

Leadership blips, bloopers & foul-ups

  • August 01, 2004

Leadership researcher Robert Hogan says two-thirds of the people in leadership positions in the Western world will fail. “They will then be fired, demoted or...

Peter Drucker’s 5 essential questions

  • August 01, 2004

Peter Drucker, that sage of business management, came up with these questions to help leaders of nonprofit institutions not only see the future but shape it. The...

Sam Houston: smart, brave, skilled

  • August 01, 2004

He was smart: He studied law and passed the bar in six months. He was honorable: He never spoke a word against his wife after a mysterious marital blowup that ended his...

Alexander Hamilton’s fatal flaw

  • July 01, 2004

Now that Alexander Hamilton has come roaring back into vogue as a founding father, let’s take a look at the guy who did more than any other to create the United...