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Free Reports

Leaders & Managers

Management Toolkit Management Toolkit
Leadership team management Best-Practices Leadership: Team management tips and fun team-building activities to boost team performance, collaboration and morale
Team Building Ideas 17 Team Building Ideas: The team building kit for managers with team building exercises, activities and games to build winning teams today!
Teamwork At Its Best Teamwork At Its Best: Training handouts to build a thriving team at work
Performance Review Examples 10 Secrets to an Effective Performance Review: Examples and tips on employee performance evaluation, writing employee reviews, a sample performance review and employee evaluation forms
Performance Review Documents Performance Review Documents: Checklists and forms to help employers conduct effective employee performance appraisals
Employee Benefits 12 Ways to Optimize Your Employee Benefits Program: Low-cost employee incentives, recognition programs and rewards
Workplace Violence Prevention Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit: HR advice, guidelines and policies to keep your workplace safe

Office Technology

Microsoft Excel Help: Excel Tips for Every Skill Level Microsoft Excel Help: Excel Tips for Every Skill Level
Microsoft Email: Outlook Tips and Training Microsoft Email: Outlook Tips and Training
Tip Card: Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts Tip Card: Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts
Tip Card: Business Management Daily's Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts Tip Card: Business Management Daily's Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Office Management & Admins

How to Write Meeting Minutes How to Write Meeting Minutes: Expert Tips, Meeting Minutes Templates and Sample Meeting Minutes
Standard Operating Procedure Standard Operating Procedure: An example manual of operating procedures for an administrative assistant
Minute Taking Template and Sample Meeting Minutes Minute Taking Template and Sample Meeting Minutes
Time Management Tips 10 Time Management Tips: A how-to guide on efficiently managing your time through effective delegating, calendar management and using productivity tools
The Office Organizer The Office Organizer: 10 tips on file organizing, clutter control, document management, business shredding policy, record retention guidelines and how to organize office emails
Office Organization Documents Office Organization Documents: 5 essential forms to help you attain an organized and productive work life
Record Retention Schedule Record Retention Schedule: Guidelines for every office document
Bully Boss The Bully Boss Strikes Again! How to deal with bosses who make crazy requests

Human Resources & Employment Law

FMLA Toolkit FMLA Toolkit
Payroll Checklist Payroll Checklist: A step-by-step compliance guide to each pay period, month and calendar quarter of the year
Employment Background Check Guidelines Employment Background Check Guidelines: Complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, conducting credit background checks and running a criminal check to avoid negligent-hiring lawsuits
FMLA intermittent leave FMLA Intermittent Leave: 5 guidelines on managing intermittent leave and curbing leave abuse under the new FMLA regulations
FMLA Forms FMLA Sample Policy: Example FMLA guidelines for organizations
Termination Guidelines How to Fire an Employee the Legal Way: 6 Termination Guidelines
Employee Handbook The Essential Employee Handbook: Sample Policies, Employment Law Issues, Self-Audit Tips
Maternity Leave Laws Maternity Leave Laws: 7 guidelines on pregnancy discrimination law, state maternity leave regulations, pregnancy disability leave, plus a sample maternity leave policy
Overtime Labor Law Overtime Labor Law: 6 compliance tips to avoid overtime lawsuits, wage-and-hour Labor audits and FLSA exemption mistakes

Small Business Tax

Small Business Tax Deduction Strategies Small Business Tax Deduction Strategies: 13 tips on Section 179 depreciation, home office write-offs for the self-employed, tax deductions for business vehicles, rental property depreciation and real estate capital gains tax

Office Communication & Career Management

Workplace Conflict Resolution Workplace Conflict Resolution: 10 ways to manage employee conflict and improve office communication, the workplace environment and team productivity
Business Etiquette 14 Tips on Business Etiquette: Setting a professional tone with co-workers, clients and customers
Office Communication Office Communication Toolkit: 10 tips for managers on active listening skills, motivating employees, workplace productivity, employee retention strategies and change management techniques
Salary Negotiating Salary Negotiating 101: 7 secrets to boosting your career earnings, negotiating a raise and striking the best deal in a job offer negotiation

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