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Information Technology Job Descriptions

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OVERVIEW: Types reports, letters, memos, correspondence, raw data, and other related documents from rough draft or other sources into word processing equipment.  Ensures that a secure environment is maintained for all computer equipment, data files, supplies, etc.

OVERVIEW: Assists in controlling the ongoing activities of the data entry function in order to achieve efficient and accurate keying and verification of materials for conversion of data into computer readable form.

OVERVIEW: Supervises all data entry transactions, including maintaining and creating files, productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness, and promptness.  Hires, trains, evaluates, and assigns all data entry operators and maintains companywide security controls on data processing services.

OVERVIEW: Overall responsibility is to ensure the effective operation of the IT department in conjunction with the business objectives of the company.  Plans, coordinates, directs, and designs IT-related activities for the company, as well as providing administrative direction and support for daily operations.  Liaisons with decision-makers in other departments to identify, recommend, develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of the organization.

OVERVIEW: Converts data from project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to create or modify computer programs.  Compiles and writes documentation for program development and subsequent revisions.  Works with systems staffers to obtain and analyze project specifications and flowcharts.  Directs and coordinates work of others to write, test, and modify computer programs.  Trains operators to use programs.

OVERVIEW: Evaluates existing systems to improve their effectiveness and efficiency, reduces operational costs, and provides solutions to resolve information problems.  Recommends new systems to meet current and future needs.

OVERVIEW: Analyzes and makes recommendations concerning hardware, software, staffing, and other resources to meet the company's computing needs and ensure the technical validity of all computer work performed.

OVERVIEW: Plans, administers, and implements corporatewide telecommunications services to minimize costs and improve productivity.

OVERVIEW: Contributes to meeting the goals and objectives of the company through the design, maintenance, updating, and management of the organization's websites.  Uses a combination of design and technical skills to make these websites aesthetically pleasing, functional, interactive, and easily navigable.  Makes recommendations to the Information Technology manager regarding design issues, upgrades, and security relating to Internet and Intranet presence.