Title VII protects men against sex bias, too

  • July 20, 2017

When it comes to Title VII’s sex discrimination provisions, we usually think of the law protecting women against gender bias. In fact, men can and frequently do...

No need to over-indulge chronic complainer

  • July 17, 2017

Certainly check to see if the complaint is reasonable and reflects a real workplace problem. But if it’s just a case of peevish griping, you don’t have to...

EEOC initiative targets age discrimination

  • July 10, 2017

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the EEOC, which administers the law, is going all out with a series of public events...

Harassment victims get new lawsuit option

  • April 18, 2017

Employees who miss the deadline for filing EEOC complaints may get a second chance following a 3rd Circuit decision in a case involving sexual harassment in Pennsylvania.

EEOC: Take supervisor harassment seriously

  • February 28, 2017

The EEOC has signaled its intent to aggressively pursue harassment cases against employers—especially when the harassment is perpetrated by anyone in a supervisory...