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You expect colleges and universities to prepare your youngest workers for their new jobs. But are you prepared for them?

These digital natives quickly grow impatient with last year's hardware and software. Hiring them puts more pressure on your organization to keep its technology ahead of the curve.

Could you ever call yourself a tech expert? Trust Office Technology Today to keep you up to pace — and even a step ahead — on the workplace technologies that continue to revolutionize the way you do your job.

Here are seven ways to use technology to retain Gen Y'ers:

1. Supply the latest tech. Equip young employees with workplace tools that mirror those they use in their everyday lives.

2. Don't dismiss Gen Y sites such as as legitimate work tools. Some young sales reps, for instance, successfully use online social networking to market and sell products.

3. Reward your Gen Y'ers—who thrive on constant recognition—with high-tech prizes like PDAs, MP3 players and the latest cell phones.

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4. Help computer-confident newcomers update their skills. If they can count on keeping one technological step ahead of their friends, they'll brag about it.

5. Go high-tech with training. Face-to-face lectures are unlikely to captivate recent college grads. Colleges rely more on e-learning and interactive, computer-assisted classroom lessons. Your organization can do the same.

6. Pair computer-savvy young workers with older colleagues who need to learn tech skills. Both parties will benefit from the interaction.

7. Upgrade your telecommuting program so workers have access to all their office tools no matter where they work.

With every passing month you'll notice your tech skills multiplying. And let's face it, in today's workplace, those skills aren't just appreciated — they're expected.

Office Technology Today is designed for you, the busy office worker with a need for speed — across the web and around office software. In the first month, you'll gain:
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