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Disputes between employees are common and inevitable. But if left unresolved, they can disrupt your department’s productivity, sap morale and even cause some good employees to quit.

Supervisors and managers don’t need to become certified mediators to settle disputes. They just need to understand some basics about human behavior, practice the fine art of paying attention and serve as a neutral party who wants to resolve the problem.

Know when to step in and referee

The difficult decision is knowing when to step in, says Joseph F. Byrnes, professor of management at Bentley College’s Graduate School in Waltham, Mass. “Give the warring parties a chance to resolve it on their own,” he says. “The time to take action is when things get out of hand, and the problems are affecting their work or disrupting other people’s work.”

Find out if the conflict is work related and has a structural root or whether it’s interpersonal...(register to read more)

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batool January 28, 2013 at 10:23 am

Hello., I’m a graduate student in Educational Administration issue between school administrators and teachers to manage my dissertation please help me if it is possible. Thanks


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