Employer review sites: Time to take them seriously

Employer review sites have become a major part of career consideration. As an employer, you should be taking them seriously.

“The majority of job seekers read at least six reviews before forming an opinion of a company,” writes Rob Petersen in an article for BarnRaisers.com. “Employees rank as the most trusted influencers when communicating about their company’s engagement and integrity.”

It’s important, for many reasons, to see what’s being said about your company. Here are five leading websites providing employer reviews.

1. Indeed. Since its launch in 2005, it’s become the #1 job site in the world. It’s the largest go-to for employee job listings, but it’s also an amazing resource for reviews. A 5-point rating system is used in many of the categories, and there are lots of specifically detailed questions.

2. Glassdoor. Founded in 2008, this is an innovator in the employer review game. They’ve adapted and added new features and their interface is easy to navigate and popular with users. They were the first company to allow the public a peek into average salaries.

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3. Comparably. This is a newer one, but it’s been getting a lot of attention. There’s a ton of specific data and detailed subcategories, and, again, a great interface. Happiness in work culture is an important topic on this website.

4. FairyGodBoss. This website has a focused goal of providing women with intel about female-friendliness, maternity leave benefits, growth opportunities and work-life balance. This site has a very trustworthy reputation and is rapidly growing.

5. Great Place to Work. This is a resource for job candidates, but it asks business owners to do the work and certify their business to compare with other companies. Employees are surveyed, and then the business owner provides information to round out the profile. There is some clout here, but it’s also not free.