Be the admin every executive wants

Being an administrative professional involves scheduling meetings, keeping your boss (or bosses) organized, mastering technology and making sure the office runs smoothly. In short, it requires a lot of juggling.

Ensuring that your boss has time for priority work and that he or she never arrives late for a meeting sounds like mission impossible. But you wield much more control than entering appointments on a calendar and reminding the boss what’s coming on the schedule.

Help the days flow smoothly by building and managing the calendar better. Here are five tips for keeping your boss — and your day on track…

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1. Provide time for everything. If you write only meetings on your calendar, you’ll overlook the other items that demand attention.

Ask the boss to list every action that requires devoted time, from an hour each morning to make calls and respond to email to four hours next week to work on his or her upcoming presentation.

For meetings, include time before and after for related activities: preparing for the meeting, traveling and “downloading” afterward.

Nail down exactly how much time the boss must spend at a function, such as whether his or her attendance is necessary for the entire session or simply to present a special award.

2. Keep others on schedule. Confirm the boss’s appointments at least two days ahead, allowing you to fill any unexpected openings productively. And help the boss’s visitors stay on schedule, too, by emailing them directions to your office and forwarding any information they may need in advance of the appointment.

If your boss is traveling to an appointment, schedule it in the morning, before the other person’s appointments start running overtime.

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3. Prevent pileups. Don’t allow one meeting that runs long to derail the rest of the day. Know in advance which appointments you can reschedule. If the day’s first meeting runs long, for example, move the 10:30 a.m. session to tomorrow so that the boss can stay on track the rest of the day.

4. Arrange cushions and walls. If the boss has trouble ending meetings, create a schedule that helps. If meetings with Manny always run on, schedule a VIP meeting immediately afterward, so Manny will understand when your boss has to end their meeting on time.

On the other hand, leave lunchtime open if the boss will likely want to continue talking with a job candidate coming in just before the meal.

5. Control the door. Guard against your boss’s desire for an “open-door policy” becoming an invitation to interruptions. With your boss’s approval, designate one or two times during the day for drop-in visitors.

As an administrative professional, you’re the “go-to” person to solve problems, answer questions and get things done around the office. Your job involves a variety of diverse responsibilities that keep you on your toes throughout the entire day. Making sure your skills stay up to date is one of the most important things you can do to remain productive and successful during your hectic workday. Fortunately, Administrative Professionals Skills Check-In is September 17-21, and we’re giving you lots of free goodies to help you strengthen your skills throughout this special event. Register now for Administrative Professionals Skills Check-In to update your skills and take your career to the next level…