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Business processes and BSOs

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in Office software,Office Technology

A BSO is a bright, shiny object. My friend and I walk through the summer neighborhood fairs in Chicago. When she sees something glittery (or with a Dr. Who reference), she stops dead in her tracks, touches it, asks how much it costs, then tries to convince herself why she “needs” it. Kids do it in toy stores. For me, it’s art supplies. What’s the point? Business users, every day, find a cool app that does something nifty, then try to integrate it into their work processes. Back in the old days, if you needed new functionality or wanted to automate a manual process, you put in a request to the information technology department (IT). Then, you waited … and waited.

This was part of the rise of user-driven application development. As soon as users could have their own computers and buy whatever software they wanted, IT started to scramble to fulfill their responsibility to maintain a stable information systems environ...(register to read more)

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