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How leaders can better support middle management

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

by Kim Bassett, President and CEO, Steward Norwood Hospital, Massachusetts

Middle managers are often the unsung heroes within every organization. With a well-oiled machine, each piece plays a vital role and the same can be said for an organization. Each person has their part to play. What makes middle managers unique is their ability to communicate with both upper management and their staff. Middle managers are the bridge between the two groups. That’s one reason why executive management would be wise to help middle managers grow, learn and become confident as leaders.

Ways to create a growth environment for your middle managers:

Give them the freedom to make decisions. This not only shows you trust them as professionals, but allows them to take ownership and pride in what they do.  This doesn’t mean you don’t discuss the decisions they are making, but rather sit back and let them lead the discussion, asking inte...(register to read more)

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