Netflix premieres new anti-harassment policies

Workers on Netflix film production crews in the United Kingdom aren’t supposed to look at one another for longer than five seconds, according to new anti-harassment guidelines first reported by the British tabloid “The Sun.”

“Looking at anyone longer than five seconds is considered creepy,” said a production crew member who allegedly attended what he called a “#MeToo” training session.

Other admonitions, which Netflix officials declined to either confirm or deny:

  • Don’t give lingering hugs.
  • No flirting.
  • Don’t ask anyone for a date if they have previously turned you down.
  • Do not request colleagues’ phone numbers.
  • Shout “Stop! Don’t do that again!” if a colleague behaves inappropriately.

A Netflix statement said, “We’re proud of the anti-harassment training we offer to our productions. We want every Netflix production to be a safe and respectful working environment. We believe the resources we offer empower people on our sets to speak up, and shouldn’t be trivialized.”

The guidelines affect Netflix hit shows being produced in London, including “Black Mirror” and “The Crown.”