Keyboard Shortcuts: Outlook conversations

Left Arrow After you’ve selected an email in a conversation or group, tap the left arrow key (←) to collapse it. Conversations are indicated by a white triangular right-facing arrow.

Right Arrow – With an email in a group or conversation selected, tap the (→) key to expand it. As long as the arrow stays white, there’s more. Right-click on the highest level to clean up redundant messages.

Ctrl + Delete – Tired of deleting messages in a thread you care nothing about? Select one and use this shortcut to move them and future related ones to the Deleted Items folder.

More tips …

Ctrl+Shift+K Create a new task with Ctrl+Shift+K, no matter where you are. For example, if an email reminds you that you have something to do. You can even drag and drop an email into the Task navigation button!

Ctrl+Shift+A In the middle of an email, but need to set up an appointment? Use Ctrl+Shift+A. Then, return to what you were doing. Here, too, you can drop an email into the Calendar navigation button to create an appointment.

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Ctrl+Shift+P Quickly create a new saved search folder with Ctrl+Shift+P. Search folders refresh each time you select them!