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Lead staff who resist supervision

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Resist supervisionOn just about every team, at least one person hates to be supervised. Many outright resist it, and it’s often for three main reasons: They feel they’ve earned autonomy, they feel they know more than their supervisor—or they are downright arrogant and think they are doing a better job than they are.

As a leader, you need your employees to accept your guidance and follow your rules, so address the behavior immediately, following this advice:

1. Understand where the resistance is coming from. Have an open conversation with the employee to find out what’s going on. Point out specific behaviors, and ask the employee to defend them. Perhaps a previous manager was less hands-on or the employee feels he or she has earned total autonomy.

2. Be brutally direct. Explain that you will loosen the reins and grant more autonomy once the employee is up to speed and meeting expectations. Say: “I want to grant you more freedom and authority, but you haven’t earned it yet. Here’s how you can …”

3. Set expectations and consequences. Specify what you want the employee to change, and explain what will happen if he or she doesn’t. Many actions can be deemed as insubordination, which is grounds for termination. Let the employee know he or she is not above the law.

4. Return to business as usual. You may feel disrespected. Still, don’t hold a grudge or punish the employee. Continue to lead the person, offer guidance, set rules, and hold him or her accountable. If the employee doesn’t fall in line, it may be time to let the person go.

— Adapted from “How to Manage Someone Who Doesn’t Respect Your Authority,” Carol Deeb, Chron, http://smallbusiness.chron.com.

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