Jail for law firm embezzler who couldn’t ‘Let It Go’

An accountant for the Valley Forge office of the Chartwell Law Firm saw an opportunity to take money and just couldn’t hold back anymore. Law enforcement officers found fraudulent credit card purchases for gun parts, pool equipment and tickets for sporting events and Disney’s “Frozen on Ice.”

Apparently his philosophy was no right, no wrong, no rules. He used law firm funds to buy computers, tablets and other technology. In all, the man pilfered $51,811 from the firm.

Once confronted, he agreed to plead guilty and make restitution before being sentenced. The judge didn’t just turn away and slam the door to the jailhouse. The accountant got off light. He’ll spend 15 to 23 days in jail on weekends and four years of probation.

As for his accounting career, well, he probably will have to let it go.

Note: Even accountants have to be accountable to someone else. Employers should always have internal accounts periodically audited by an outside firm to ensure no money is walking out the door.