Women much more likely to perceive pay bias

Equal pay for equal work? Maybe not, according to a new CareerBuilder survey about men and women in the workplace. Nearly a third of women (32%) do not think they are making the same pay as men in their organization who have similar experience and qualifications, compared to 12% of men.

The poll queried 800 hiring managers and HR pros and 800 employees.

Almost all employers (94%) think there should be equality of pay. However, they’re not sure it works that way in real life. Fifteen percent of employers said they do not believe female workers make the same wage as male counterparts in their organizations.

Only half of HR pros think female workers earn as much as men in their organizations, although 35% said they would hope so.

Eighty-two percent of employers said there should be transparency of pay in the U.S., and 42% of employers said that proposed legislation that prohibits employers from asking job candidates for their salary history will help close the gender pay gap since salary histories cannot be discussed.