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SharePoint: Subsite or page?

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in Office software,Office Technology

Many things can undo your SharePoint environment.

  • Subsite templates that are too locked down
  • Layers and layers of folders in document libraries
  • Site sprawl.

That last one strikes fear in the hearts of system administrators and support specialists who are tasked with maintaining the entire SharePoint environment. Although SharePoint was intended to be managed at the subsite level by administrators from operational areas of an organization, without a bit of understanding of the architecture, things can get ugly, fast!

SharePointBecause we like to arrange things hierarchically (think folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders), we have a tendency to think of SharePoint subsites in the same way. However, there is one very important difference to traditional hierarchies and SharePoint hierarchies. A folder hierarchy implies that you have access permissions at the higher levels of the structure, for example the Accounting folder, but...(register to read more)

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John Sub April 5, 2018 at 12:13 pm

Good article


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