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The millennial conundrum

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Danita Bye is founder of Sales Growth Specialists, a leadership consulting and sales development firm in Stanley, N.D. She’s also author of the new book Millennials Matter.

Leadership Briefings: What’s the hardest part of managing millennials?

Bye: When I ask older managers about millennials, they say millennials are lazy, narcissistic know-it-alls who don’t show up on time. It’s a litany of stereotypes.

How do you respond?

I’ll tell these managers that 80 percent of the millennials that I know personally do not fit that mold. They’re amazing. They have high character, high ethics. They know they have Internet confidence but they also know they need to develop a broader confidence from experience.

What about the other 20 percent?

As a leader, you need to step up and figure out how to help that 20 percent.

How? Any suggestions?

Give them regular feedback and encouragement. Identify their talents and streng...(register to read more)

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