If you can play mini-golf alone, you truly are a leader, by gosh

It happens sometimes: You’re out in public and you see someone dining alone or watching a movie all by themselves. And chances are good that person feels just a little self-conscious about it, a little out of sync with the world. Some even feel a tad embarrassed.

Somewhere out there, though, are true individuals who are just fine engaging in group or “significant other” activities all by themselves, completely comfortable no matter who’s looking at them quizzically. Become that type of person and you’ve reached a plateau of self-confidence few ever will. At that point, you’re leader material, able to effortlessly shed society’s preconceptions and make your own calls no matter how others might perceive your solitaire pursuits. Bravo.

So how about it? All alone, would you ever:

  • Go on a Ferris wheel?
  • Walk through a Halloween corn maze?
  • Drive through one of those expensive festivals of Christmas lights?
  • Try to pop water balloons for prizes at a county fair?
  • Stroll up to a pick-your-own-strawberries farm, grab a basket and get right to it?
  • Play miniature golf? And keep score while you did it?

If you answered “no” to these questions, go a little further and ask yourself what exactly it is that makes these endeavors so undesirable solo. The easy answer is that it might feel a little lonely—but how much of it has to do with what other people think … and how confined are you by the fear that comes with feeling strangers might be judging you?

That’s a feeling to overcome if you want to take risks, inspire followers and live an audacious life.