Create the perfect introductory pitch

Introductory pitchYou have two seconds to impress someone who can make things happen for you. Try these tips:

Ditch the generic. “My name is blank and I’m a blank” is a standard response, but unless your job is truly unique (“I’m an astronaut on the international space station”) your job title alone isn’t going to elicit a lot of curiosity.

Describe why you do what you do. A lot of times job titles don’t say much about what you really do. Include a “why” to make yourself more memorable. For example, “I work in finance because I love learning how financial systems work.”

Describe how you impact people. Talk about how you help people and solve problems. For example, “I’m an assistant in real estate who makes sure the inspections are done and financial paperwork is complete so people can buy their perfect home.”

Run your pitch by a friend. Once you know what you want to say, share it with a friend as if you just met to see if they would want to keep talking to you about it. Practice it with yourself until it feels natural to share it with strangers.

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— Adapted from “2 Ways to Create a 1-Line Elevator Pitch (That’ll Make People Want to Keep Talking to You),” Priscilla Tan, The Muse.