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Formulas with pivot table data

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in Excel Training,Office Technology

Wait! Don’t run away! I know those terms—formulas with pivot table data—can seem intimidating to some, but hang in there a moment while we cover what we’re really doing there.

Let’s begin with a simple formula: 2+2=4. If this were in Excel, we might have 2 entered in column A, row 1 and also in column B row 1. So, if we type an = sign in column C, row 1, then click on A1, type a + sign, click on B1 and press Enter, we’ll get 4. The formula we would have just created would be =A1+B1.

Simple formula

While what we create here might seem a little more complicated, it’s really not.

Now, pivot tables. Don’t be afraid of the term. It’s just a custom table writer that quickly sums up or aggregates the numbers we ask it to based on some criteria. So, for example, total up all the purchases by customer type for a particular account type. Beginning with a well-built list (one row per record, data arranged in columns with column titles, no blank colu...(register to read more)

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