What you can do to discourage union organizing

Got wind that a labor union is trying to organize your workplace? Unions have the right to try to organize. Employers have the right to oppose unionization.

You are allowed to try to persuade employees not to join a union. Here are some of the things you can say:    

  • Describe the good features of working for your company now, without union representation. Examples: existing benefits, job security and steady work.
  • Remind them that signing union authorization cards doesn’t mean they must vote for the union.
  • Inform them of the disadvantages of belonging to a union, such as the possibility of strikes, serving on picket lines, paying dues, fines and assessments.
  • Inform them of any prior experience you’ve had with unions and what facts you know about the particular union that’s trying to organize them.
  • Tell your employees how their wages and benefits compare with other unionized and nonunionized companies with less desirable compensation packages.
  • Disclose the names of known gangsters or other undesirable elements who may be or have been active in the union, provided this is accurate information that can be verified by official sources.
  • Inform them that, insofar as their status with the company is concerned, they are free to join or not to join any organization they choose.
  • Express the hope that your employees vote against this or any union.