Huntsville, Texas Christian camp sued for bias, ADA violations

Carolina Creek Christian Camp in Huntsville, Texas faces an EEOC lawsuit alleging it retaliated against an employee for asserting her rights. The claim? That the camp first demoted her, then fired her and finally took her to court and sued her. Twice.

Problems began when the woman, who was pregnant, told her supervisors at the camp she had developed gestational diabetes. Citing “her need to medically take care of herself and her baby,” the camp involuntarily demoted her. Upon her return from maternity leave, she was placed in a lower-ranking job than the one she held before her pregnancy.

When she complained to her supervisor that her demotion was illegal, she was fired.

Then she complained to the EEOC. The camp responded by suing her. That suit was paused, but the camp sued again four months later.

That’s when the EEOC sued right back, alleging violations of both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, for discrimination, and the ADA, for regarding the woman as disabled when she was not.

Note: Given the clear animosity here, this case is likely headed to trial. Carolina Creek Christian Camp will have a tough time proving its actions were not retaliatory. Employers that attack employees for standing up for their rights tend not to appear warm and fuzzy before juries.