10 signs an employee is promotable

Use this checklist to determine if your employee does any of the following and deserves that big promotion:

  • Expresses a desire to be promoted
  • Possesses the technical expertise to do the job
  • Volunteers to take on new assignments—and does them well—despite adding to his/her current workload
  • Implements leadership skills, especially during difficult or challenging times (e.g., moti­vated the group, boosted morale, led a discussion, mediated a conflict)
  • Shows excitement and optimism during times of growth and change and welcomes new opportunities to contribute
  • Readily shares new ideas and proposes solutions to problems
  • Displays the ability to train, educate and coach others
  • Establishes personal career goals above and beyond the ones you have set
  • Continually works on improving weaknesses and enhancing strengths
  • Demonstrates complete buy-in to the mission of the organization.