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These 5 social media posts spell trouble for hiring managers

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Robert Lentz

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in Centerpiece,Hiring,Human Resources

social media and magnifying glass“Before you go on a profile hunt, remember that what is seen can’t be unseen—and that phrase means more to HR folks than anybody else.” - How to Recruit & Hire in the Social Media Era

A recent Harris Poll found that we have all crossed a very dramatic divide: Most employers asked said they were now using social networking sites to research job candidates. An actual majority!

Sure, you can tell from surfing around if an applicant’s résumé is generally matching up to reality, and if that person’s online conduct is professional and self-aware. The problem is that you’re often going to find out too much, opening yourself up to a discrimination claim if you lean away from someone whose information gives you a bad vibe. You need to stay away from vibes as much as possible, and do your best to focus on words and images that tell you whether someone can do the job or not—period.

In her recent webinar, attorney and author Anniken Dav...(register to read more)

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