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Minute-taking Q&A: 3 expert answers

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in Admins,Office Management

By Patricia Robb

What is a consent agenda?

A consent agenda is a place on the meeting agenda to put routine items that need approval, such as the agenda and previous minutes, as well as other information type items. The purpose of the consent agenda is to save time so more time can be spent on other items that need discussion. It is important to note that if any meeting participant wants to discuss an item, it can be removed from the consent agenda and dealt with on the regular agenda.

The consent agenda is usually placed first on the agenda after the meeting is convened and after the opening remarks. A motion is then called for approval of the consent agenda.

Once the consent agenda is approved, the motion could then be written in the minutes as follows. A listing of the motions included in the consent agenda is advisable, but not necessary. The information items do not need to be listed.

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