Mastering the 3 most important motions in meetings

Certified Speaking Professional and co-founder of, Susan Leahy, MA, CSP, gives tips on mastering the three most important motions used in most meetings.

Many boards struggle with learning the basics of Robert’s Rules of Order. Susan encourages you to slow down the learning process and start with what she calls the 3 Most Important Motions. By learning how to make and vote on each of these motions first, you will exponentially improve your board’s effectiveness. These three motions are used the most, and unfortunately, are also the ones that are misused the most.



The 3 Most Important Motions

The Main Motion

Introduces the main item of business


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Allow you to add something to or subtract something from the Main Motion

Amend the Amendment

Allows you to add something to or subtract something from the Amendment


In Susan’s Robert’s Rules Made Simple Training Solution, she teaches and introduces you to The 7 Fundamental Motions. But it is Susan’s suggestion that you have everyone on your board master The 3 Most Important Motions first. Learning these three motions is essential to learning Robert’s Rules of Order and getting your board working as a team!

Susan Leahy, MA, CSP, provides live, in-person board development training and powerful online webinars. If you are going to provide Robert’s Rules of Order training to your board members, do not fall into the trap of teaching too much too fast. Slow down the process and start with teaching these three motions. If the members of your board have a collective understanding of these motions, it will make learning the other motions much more simple!

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