Step up and take initiative at work

Have you ever felt punished for taking initiative and tackling a problem on the job? If so, you’re not alone, says productivity consultant Laura Stack. Don’t let that stop you in the future, though. Instead, consider who you may want to consult before you act again.

•  Your boss. Consult your manager before taking initiative that might disturb plans that are already in motion or that step on someone else’s toes.

•  Your team members. Someone on your team may already be working on the problem you want to solve and may feel ownership of the issue. Alternately, other team members may not consider a change necessary.

•  No one. If the problem applies only to you, or you’ve already consulted everybody around you, just go for it. If people are just waiting for someone to take initiative, go do it. It’s better to take a risk than just sit there and do nothing.

— Adapted from “Taking Initiative: It’s The Sign Of A Healthy, And Highly Engaged, Workforce,” Laura Stack, TLNT.

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