3 words can improve your communication

Communication in the workplace affects productivity and engagement. When teams communicate well and demonstrate their ideas, they maintain a steady work flow and make decisions efficiently, writes Deidre Paknad, CEO of Workboard, Inc.

Here are three words you can use to help improve your team’s communication.

1.  Yes. “No” often puts a stop to productivity and discussion between team members. When people assume your response will automatically be no, they are less likely to bring forward new ideas. Using the word “yes” can signal to others that you want to engage with their ideas and you’re open to communicating.

2.  And. People often assume their ideas are in competition with others. Use “and” instead of “or” to suggest that ideas can work together instead of being pitted against each other.

3.  Why. Asking why allows your colleagues to explain their methods and demonstrate your authentic engagement with their ideas. It also gives you a moment to decide on your best response.

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— Adapted from “Is Your Communication Style A Drag On Your Team’s Productivity?” Deidre Paknad, TalentCulture.