4 ways to introduce new tech tools

Technology is constantly changing, but people often find that change hard to handle. So when it comes time to update the tools your company uses, how do you avoid resistance from co-workers?

By taking time to test the tools and determine if they really are a good fit for your office, you can assure your team that each new tool has value, writes OfficeNinjas Com­­mu­­nity Manager Dinah Russell. It’s also a good idea to assemble a team of employees who are dedicated to familiarizing themselves with the new technology, and make sure it’s right for your company.

Here is a four-step process to successfully introduce new tech tools:

1.  Pick your team. Find the top performers around the office. These can be people from one department or the top talent from multiple departments. Make sure they’re people who are open-minded when it comes to new initiatives and great at time management.

2.  Perfect your system. After finding your team, create a series of steps that should be taken before you introduce each new tool to the company—or reject it as a bad fit. Think of this as an audit of what the tool can do for your organization. Answer questions like: Is this tool within our budget? What can we use this tool for?

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3.  Create a presentation. Not all offices are willing to change. If you believe this tool is worth it, develop a great presentation to pitch it to management. Be ready to answer questions and stand by your opinions.

4.  The implementation period. Your belief in the new tool is your greatest asset during this time. This period has the potential to be very chaotic, so take it slowly. Answer questions, guide your co-workers through it, and make sure to demonstrate the value of the addition.

— Adapted from “How to Implement New Tech Tools Even if Your Company is Resistant to Change,” Dinah Russell, OfficeNinjas.