11 tricky words easily misspelled

When your emails, presentations, re­­ports and the like are filled with misspelled words, you undermine your credibility and intelligence. With some extra proofing you can avoid that problem. Here are 11 commonly misspelled words to watch out for:

1. Tomorrow. Often misspelled as “tommorrow” or “tommorow.”

2. Truly. People often wrongly insert the “e,” as in “truely.”

3. Accommodate. Often misspelled as “acommodate” or “accomodate.”

4. Separate. The first “a” is often swapped with an “e,” as in “seperate.”

5. A lot. While most writing gurus recommend that you avoid using the word altogether, just avoid the common mistake of “alot.”

6. Maintenance. It is all too easy to try to sneak in the word maintain, as in “maintainence.”

7. Occurrence. Often misspelled as “ocurrence” or “occurence.” Don’t forget the double Cs and Rs.

8. Privilege. People commonly insert a “d” into the third syllable, as in “priviledge.”

9. Definitely. Some folks drop the second “e” and go with “definitly.”

10. Necessary. Don’t sneak in an extra “c” to spell “neccessary.”

11. Misspell. Ironically, this one is misspelled a lot as “mispell.”

— Adapted from “18 Incredibly Common Spelling Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb,” www.businessinsider.in.