The danger of a 24-hour workday

Check out these startling statistics from ThinkingPhones’ report “The Constantly-Connected Employee: Does the Workday Ever Really End?”

  • 82% of employees address work-related emails while on vacation.
  • 53% answer emails while in the bathroom.
  • 18% address email while on a date.
  • 18% respond to email while driving.

While these may seem like the actions of devoted staff, employees need a chance to take a break, recharge their batteries and disconnect from work. If they feel so pressured to respond to email that they don’t even take a restroom break—or they risk their lives and respond while driving—you likely have set a dangerous precedent.

Action item: Pull your team to­­gether to set some parameters and expectations for using email outside of work. That might include instituting an email ban after 7 p.m. or having emails automatically forwarded to you or another co-worker when employees are on vacation.

Bottom line: If you want to protect productivity and morale, you need to also protect employees’ personal time.

— Adapted from “The Constantly-Connected Employee: Does the Workday Ever Really End?”,

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