Help new employees blend into the team

It’s hard to watch a new person struggling to fit in. What can an established employee do to help a new colleague become part of the team?

Starting on day one, it’s everyone’s job to incorporate a new person into a team, says Marilyn San­­ties­­te­­ban, Texas A&M’s Bush School of Gov­­ern­­ment and Public Ser­­vice, Make sure the new hire is invited to lunch with someone every day for the first couple of weeks.

“Incorporate the newbie into the office culture,” she says, and find ways to include her.

 “Just a quick ‘Hi, my name is…’ is a kind enough gesture, but it’s also very forgettable,” says Tim Backes, career advisor at Resume Genius.

 “Introduce yourself more thoroughly,” he says. “Tell them what you do for the company, how long you’ve been there. And ask them a question to include them into the conversation. Keep it, friendly, and short, but making it a two-way conversation as opposed to a boilerplate introduction is very comforting.”

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