Top 10 most prestigious jobs

Doctor tops the Harris Poll’s latest list of most admired occupations. More than 2,500 Americans were asked to rate the relative prestige of various jobs. Here are the top 10 (the numbers indicate the percentage of respondents stating that the job either “has prestige” or “a great deal of prestige”):

Physician  88%

Military officer  78%

Firefighter  76%

Scientist  76%

Nurse  70%

Engineer  69%

Police officer  66%

Clergy  62%

Architect  62%

Athlete  60%

Source: Harris Poll, August 2014

The least prestigious occupation, according to the poll, was real estate broker; 50% said it “does not have that much prestige” and 24% said it “has no prestige at all.” Other low-rated jobs: union leader, stockbroker, banker and accountant.

All were rated less prestigious than member of Congress. Ouch!