How to turn a foe into a friend

Next time you find yourself in a standoff, exert influence and come to an amicable solution with these five tips from Bob Burg, author of Ad­­ver­­saries Into Allies.

  1. Keep your cool. Instead of giving knee-jerk reactions, assess the situation and respond rationally.
  2. Be aware of others’ beliefs. In­­flu­­ence comes when you accept these differences.
  3. Understand ego. There’s a me-first mentality inside of everyone.
  4. Create an influential space. Cre­­at­­ing space for communication and cooperation enables you to sidestep adversarial encounters. Smile, apologize or focus on solutions.
  5. Communicate carefully. Use tact and empathy and show them you understood their needs.

— Adapted from “Five Ways to Turn Adversaries into Allies,” Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak.