The smart team leader’s code of conduct

Exceptional teams rely on strong, fair and effective leaders to deliver results for their organizations. Christine Comaford, author of the new book SmartTribes (Portfolio Hardcover, 2013), says good team leaders can become great team leaders by following this code of conduct:

  • Treat all employees fairly, respectfully and equally. Strive to avoid preferential treatment, reward on merit and hold everyone (including ourselves) accountable to the same set of standards. Everyone gets to speak up.
  • Deal with issues directly with the person in question. No complaining about others behind their backs, passive-aggressive behavior or backstabbing of any type.
  • Debate in the room, execute out of the room. Hold members accountable to each other for timely and quality results. Uphold the ideal that everyone is on the same team, giving the same message, focusing on execution and the victory that comes from it.
  • Be a powerful creator. There are no victims, rescuers or persecutors on our team. Good teams leaders are outcome creators, insight creators, action creators.
  • Keep your promises. Your word is your bond. Commit to anything you can deliver upon. Under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Be the model of accountability and leadership. Provide the example of ownership and stewardship that everyone can follow to success.