3 Cool Things about SharePoint in Office 365 Enterprise Editions

If you’ve recently implemented or are thinking about implementing SharePoint in your new Office 365 environment here are a few things that I think are definite improvements.

Socially AcceptableSharepoint

Bring social inside the walls of your organization with SharePoint’s social features. With SharePoint 2010, you could follow sites and tag colleagues. In the 2013 flavor, you can have a newsfeed where you can use social features like hashtags (#) and at tags (@) to track ideas and topics and mention people in your posts. In a news feed for a particular team, you might put hashtags on customer names, industry publication names, or create a tag for a particular issue. Then someone can just click the active tag to see all posts relative to that topic. Use the @tag to give shout-outs to co-workers or to alert someone in a discussion, who might be the best person to contact on a particular subject.

Finally! Quick Launch ModificationsSharepoint

Getting things on the Quick Launch bar took more steps than it should have in previous versions. Now, all you have to do is click the Edit Links button to make the Quick Launch editable. Either drag and drop a link to the desired location, or click the +link selection to paste a copied URL into the Add a link dialog box.

Sharing One Document Without Giving Up the Farm

You can now share a document from your Office 365 SharePoint environment without giving up the whole library or folder! Just click the Share button and select the type of access you wish the person to have, can edit or can view. You have to have the right permissions to do this, so check with the site administrator on using this feature. If you think this looks a lot like SkyDrive, you’re right! It functions pretty similarly.