Annual reviews for part-timers: Are they required?

Q. Are annual performance appraisals required for our part-time employees?  — Pamela, West Virginia

A. No, but the truth is that annual appraisals are not required for full-time employees, either.

Why then do employers conduct appraisals? To provide feedback to the employees on what they have done well, what they can learn to do going forward, and what they can do better.

It’s especially wise to conduct reviews if you have several long-term part-time employees. Doing so provides them with valuable feedback and helps you crystallize your own understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

If your organization believes appraisals can be good for both employee and employer, why would you skip part-time workers?

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This is a great opportunity to provide valuable feedback and let those part-timers know they are just as important to you as your full-time staff.