12 ways to engage your customers with ‘real’ videos

By Kimberly Deas

YouTubeVideo is becoming the preferred method of communication for many customers. Whether you use YouTube or the newest social media Tout.com, you want to keep it short. The best videos are less than three minutes. With Tout, you have only 15 seconds to deliver your message.

You don’t need a fancy production crew for these videos. Studies show “real” videos are more effective and have a bigger impact on the audience. With Tout.com you can record your video from your computer or your smartphone and upload it directly to your Facebook Profile and Twitter accounts.

If you want your Facebook audience to “see” a post, videos are more often viewed than other posts on Facebook. In February 2011, nearly 47 million people in the United States watched a video on Facebook.

Using videos opens many new and creative ways to deepen the relationship with customers, increase communication and drive new business.

12 creative ways to use video:

  1. Announcements
  2. Corporate updates
  3. Products tours
  4. Behind the scenes (people love to see what “really” happens)
  5. Case studies
  6. Tips or tricks for using a product
  7. Answer FAQs
  8. In your emails
  9. On Facebook / Twitter posts
  10. Interviews with staff, customers (testimonials) and executives
  11. Mini-documentary of an event (conference, etc.)
  12. Customer thank-yous


Kimberly Deas combines her 10+ years’ experience in telecommunications with a background in personal coaching and results-oriented training.